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Tanah Lot Temple photo by Trudy Ana

Temple "Candi" (Indonesian Language) is from the "Candika" (death of Godness) meaning a place relates to the death (source Wikipedia). According to time functional of temple has been in multifunctional especially for praying place. In Indonesia, temple is one of ancestral heritage should be safe by preserved. Temple of Hindusm and Temple of Buddhism located spreading out from east to west of Indonesian Archipelago. Every detail of ornaments and shapes have differences meaning and manuscript by the age of the story and purpose. 

Temple Of Ubud photo by Trudy Ana

Bali is being famous with the temple heritage; besides Borobudur in Jogjakarta. Regarding with the temple characteristic, mostly every village in Bali has three composition of temple ; for relating death itself, temple of origin, and devoting temple for praying. Each detail and ornaments have usually describing about wisdom thoughtful of humans philosophy and the incredible of Godness.