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It is nine o'clock at gloomy morning. Dave as a founder of DavesTravelCorner was waiting on time in front of Fatahillah Museum by wearing long sleeves clothes under the swiftly soft rainny day. It is a greatful moment to be spending the journey with an International Experiental Travel Writer walks beside the hectic hours of Jakarta. I remind the rain has been stopped slowest eventhough February noted as a high level of rain season; the journey begins.

DavesTravelCorner and Trudy Ana


De Oud Batavia is city town representation the old town of Jakarta as an example of Dutch Colonial during the seventeenth century when the Batavia was became the largest trade in Asia. As Addition in sixteenth century An Old Batavia has been being famous with the name of "The Jewel Of Asia" called by Europe Sailors who has passionate to make this downtown into strategic trade in Asia also. Thereby, administration of city town developed by multi heritage cultural of European, Eurasian, and majority of Chinesse in settlement and architecture style planning taste. Fatahillah Museum is an evidence history told about administration city of Colonial has been centrelized in past.

Fatahillah Museum photo by Trudy Ana

Located on East Jakarta within one point of three square kilometers surrounded by history buildings. Fatahillah Museum, An Old Bank, Puppetry Museum which kept the Javanesse Puppet's History and planning taste of Colonial cafes stylist into realistic through the city trip.



Since the trade asia administration in past history of Dutch Colonial; the streets has been also told story. Gajahmada Street is one of central busy activity located along by An Old Batavia location.
Recognized as an importance access of An Old Batavia and A New Batavia mobilization

Activity along side of Gajahmada Street photo by Trudy ana

Recently, side of Gajahmada street is being available place for the street painter activities and scratching of building walls told the history of the past.


The stasiun kota left the story about train transportation was strong bravely by ages of buildings and still well known to be one of life evidence operated nowdays.            

City Tour Of Jakarta

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