In Indonesia, Frangipani is most beautiful flower that Indonesian has in argiculture sector. This "Three of life" suitable growth in tropical climate. There are so many kind of its type in the world, the white colour and spotted yellow inside of spathe flower becomes popular fertilizing in this land. 

For architechture, frangipani becomes a good object for home and garden exterior. Besides, frangipani can be also supporting material as an aromatheraphy essential. Just put it on your room, the scent of frangipani brings your body into relax and comfort. The positive effect impacts through your mind, body and soul.


Indonesia is one of the largest country in the world. Withing over 18,000 counted islands, Indonesia is being famous as an Archipelago country. The larger islands of the population base are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi and Irian Jaya (Papua).

It encompasses 33 provinces and its consist of 238 million people, Indonesia has variety in ethnics, culture and language. The diversity does not make differences among each other. A shared identity becomes special adventure to treasuring the beautiful land. 
Thoroughly the world wide open, this is the adventure of Indonesian enchantment.